MKII part number gurus!

Started By: Dave Goodson on 2008-06-22 17:30:04

I was looking to get the heater pipes along the firewall, and while one is a snap, C-16566, the other shown for my MKII 2.4 is a C-16762.
I find C-16763 pipes, but not that one.
What is the difference?
As in, can I whack the "3" or rebend it a little to function?

Fortunately, the one under the intake is there (not yet in use), so I'm okay on the hard one.




Yowza Dave,
I imported a 1965 MKII 2.4 RHD with wire wheels, 4-speed and OD along with leather interior and a Webasto. I feel your pain with regards to you path to originality.
I'm in the Club with George Jones, a very nice, knowledgeable man on 3.8 MK II's and he'd probably be the first to tell you the guide is on the MKII 3.8 version and not the end all be all version, it was meant to be upgraded with more info as time goes on no doubt.
There are numerous differences between just the 3.8 and the 3.4 equipped models nevermind the inclusion of the "wildcard" 2.4 of which Jaguar had their own variant within that range.
My heater tubes were pretty much encrusted to the point they restricted water flow. I sourced some thick wall copper tubing and made new ones. I used the old ones as a pattern when bending and reinforced the ends where the clamping was to occur with parts off my lathe (probably overkill). I then painted them black as the originals were and no one is the wiser. Wasn't going to make them out of steel and I had no Stainless tubing sitting around at the time.
I can be reached at if you need help I'll give you my phone number.
Good Health to You and Yours, Bob Lovell