Most Powerful XK Inline 6 Cylinder Engine

Started By: Lenny B. Ramjattan on 2005-04-28 17:24:13

Greetings fellow listers! Perhaps I may have missed the thread or not researched the archives that well but, is there any records of the most powerful Jaguar XK inline 6 cylinder engine? When I mean "most powerful", I'm speaking about all aspects as in torque, horsepower, RPM redline, etc. I guess fuel efficiency would be irrelevant. I would like to find out how that engine was set up as in: total displacement, type of block (iron or aluminum), type of pistons, type of connecting rods, valve diameter, head angle, cam timing and grind, carburetor or injection, dry or wet sump, inlet and exhaust diameter, type and diameter of exhaust headers, type and diameter of intake runners. I know that the behavior of the engine can be tuned by experimenting with various lengths and diameters of manifolds or runners. I also realize that the aspects of what you want the engine to do will depend on what you intend to use it for, such as short distance sprints, long distance endurance runs, hill climb rallies, etc. Hence, I'd also like to find out what vehicle or chassis type it was used in, what gearbox was mated to the engine and what type of race was it used it. Most importantly, who gets the credit for designing such a monster and if they would produce or still are producing more clones of that engine. Sorry for the lengthy series of questions. Maybe I might find the answers myself and if I do, I'll post my findings. Thank you for reading my inquiry.

Very Respectfully,

Lenny B. Ramjattan, N4WZQ
1966 Jaguar Mk X, 1D76577BW
Pembroke Pines, Flori