Need Motivation

Started By: chris ioakimedes on 2009-12-26 05:50:28

I just joined this forum. I have a 1956 Mk VII sitting neglected on my driveway. It has a later model 4.5 liter motor with dual SUs. It also has an all synchro 4sp. In the late 80s and first half of the 90s it was my daily driver.
It has been sitting for over ten years now, and I want to get back to working on it.
It has a lot of rust, the interior is shot, and the wood is in poor condition.
I'll put a charged battery in it today, and see what happens.


Congratulations for getting back too it. It is a unique piece that you don't see every day. Good luck on your restoration.

I put a charged battery in it, at first I did not get power to the starter button on the dash. After a little bit of fiddling, I found a loose wire and now have power to the starter button, it turns over fast, but no fuel. I checked that I have power to the pumps, I do. I tried banging on the pumps, but they still don't pump. I need to bring a good jack home so that I can remove the pumps and determine if they need to be replaced..