Need an OLD part

Started By: Dave Goodson on 2008-06-20 08:31:14

And I don't want to pay more than shipping!
1964 MKII, need an old Lucas voltage regulator.
Mine has a Lucas alternator, I am just looking for something to "fill a space".

Something I can clean up.
Doesn't have to work.

I have one someone sent me off a MKII, dated 1959, and it won't work.
The hole spacing is 5" center line to center line, and used 1/4" bolts.
Mine is 4-9/16" centerline to centerline, and uses 10-32 bolts.
And, I've tried. I milled out the end slots as far as they will go, and it's still 1/4" too much space.

Anybody have such a beast, e-mail me, please.

I want the casual observer to see something in that space, AND to keep underhood dust and such from having a free access to the fuses.