Need shocks but what kind?? 97 Jag xj6L

Started By: Dee Jensen on 2014-08-12 11:54:40

Can anyone please offer me information on shocks I want to have replaced on my 97 Jaguar XJ6L... it seems there are shocks that have an electronic component? I've read some recommendations on brands but I would like to be sure the service establishment installs correct front and rear.. you have all been so helpful here.. .thank you. Dee


The shocks with the electric control came on the some of 1998-newer XJ8 models, not your 1997 XJ6 model. So, no worrries in that regard.

Your car was originally equipped with Bilstein shocks. I'd suggest sticking with that brand but opinons will vary. Several Bilstein types are available. Your car was almost certainly originally fitted with the 'comfort' version.


Doug, thank you once again.. I heard from my service place and they quoted me for Monroe shocks. Said the Blistein was much more.. I looked online and found part #24-018616 for the front and 24-018586 for rear at about $110 each..(also mentioned the old parts numbers which I kept) I think that's reasonable/appropriate.. so I told them this and they wanted me to be sure I was correct with part number and cost.. anyone have any insight on the part numbers and costs for 97 Jaguar XJ6L ? Am I missing something? Thanks in advance, Dee

Hi Dee,
Parts geek is showing Bilstiein fronts for a 1997 XJ6 OEM Replacement WO133-1910812 @ $90.23 EACH and rears WO133-1910639 OEM Replacement at $122.23 EACH.
The part numbers are most likely their own

David, thank you! I'll go there now and check it out... Dee

Also check out Welsh Enterprises, they have the BOGE rear shocks for your car @ $125.00 each these were standard on my two XJ40's and I believe they also have the Fronts for your car. Make sure you order all the relevant new bushings at the same time. would talk to Welsh they are good

David, thanks..

Hi.. so, as a follow-up to my posts/answers on shocks I have the front and rear Bilsteins on order and should have them next week.. fronts were 92. ea and rears 125. ea.. thru So my service guy is fine with doing the work but seems a little unsure of why he's been told the rear shocks will take so long to install.. he's been told 3 hours!! I'm thinking it's because it's rear wheel drive?? Anyone have any info they can share as to why this is? Can't wait for this to be done as the car feels and sounds like a "bucket of bolts". Thanks everyone!