New Book! Official Jaguar E-Type 50th Anniversary Book

Started By: George Camp on 2011-01-07 11:09:01

Announced in the Nov. Dec. Jaguar Journal, page 43 Jaguar has commissioned an "Official E-Type 50th" Book. Please read the Jaguar Journal for a brief description of the book. JCNA will purchase sufficient quantities to cover interests. The price in the Jaguar Journal is incorrect as JCNA will offer the book at $45 plus shipping ($7.95). We have no plans to offer the delux edition unless pre-paid orders are received. If you want a look at the proposed cover of the book and a few pages you can go to The standard edition is to be available the first week of March and the VIP book possibly by the end of March. FPcreative has stated there will be no US distributor for the book. Clubs/ individuals that wish to purchase a quantity should e mail NLT 8AM EST Friday, January 14 2011.
We are sorry for the short suspense but there is good reason. It is anticipated that NON-Member price will be $60 plus shipping. This item may be in the shoppe but the intent of this announcement is to make this book avail. to members if they desire it, order sufficient numbers (sort of a pre sale with a genlteman's understanding) and there will be no stock of any amount ordered. In other JCNA will not become the defacto US distribution center. It is understood this is very short notice and thank you for your understanding-tell your E type friends and club members. You may post questions hooked to this post and they will be answered promptly if the answer is known. Happy New Year JCNA!


I should have said ---When you E mail please don't just say "I want one" but take a second to write down your address and if you want the JCNA member price your member number would help! Thanks.


Please add me the list of buyers:
Charles Lee JCNA #32644
52 Apache Trail
New Buffalo, MI 49117

how do want to do this ? Just invoice my PayPal account or what ?

harles please send an e mail with your information to I will need youe e mail and/or phone number. I will contact you for billing when they arrive. Thanks.

The correct link to view the book is:

(original link had an extra "p")

Thank you Bill for the correction-- all of this was in a bit of a hurry!

Thank you for getting it all arranged and posted. I did e-mail you about getting a copy of the standard edition and received your reply. I'm also interested in the VIP book and was wondering if you knew the cost becuase I guess it needs to be prepaid.

Thanks again,

Bill I have your order for both---no pmt yet--will be in contact!