New Books are in---------------------the shoppe!!!!!!!!!!

Started By: George Camp on 2011-01-19 16:58:32

As said this week is the launch of a lot of new titles to the JCNA shoppe. We have killer prices and I think the largest all Jaguar book shop (shoppe) in the world! We have 8 new E Type books--8 for XJs--3 for MK 1/2----6 for XJ-S and XJS-----5 for XK8/XKR-----6 for XKs and 5 on racing. There are a few more biographies and general Jaguar titles. All in all we have added 55 new books to the JCNA shoppe. Folks if there is not a book there for you then either your library is too big or you just do not read! There are some more titles to add but a break is in order for now and this is your part--please go on to the Motorbooks Inernational site and see if there is any book that we do not have that you think we should--simply e mail me at Publications@JCNA and give me the title and item number--presto it will happen. While you are there if you click to buy you will not be happy---JCNA has been granted a very nice discount. Enough for now--please have a cup and brouse our shelves! Most titles are under Jaguar Books but there are some new road tests too.


Is RTC9886CE Parts Catalog for Series 3 XJ12/Daimler Double-Six saloons still available? I saw it advertised in the forum but I don't see it available for sale.
Please advise. Thanks.

Rosendo the Shoppe (Archives) has one dog eared but complete copy of RTC9886CE dated May 1985 for sale. Please contact me on the JCNA tech line for details. 888-258-2524. Because of the numbering system used an exact page count is not avail. but it is well over 400 pages.

Rosendo we do sell the XJ6 SIII parts manual New in the Jaguar parts manual section but it does not cover the V 12 car--doubt if that will ever be re issued (low vol.).


Just an inquiry on books, since you mentioned Motorbooks International. I went there and checked on a number of Jaguar books that are listed in the JCNA store-and everyone of them that I searched for were available at a price less than our "reduced" JCNA price.That seems odd to me, considering what you have said. Any explaination that I am not seeing?


John I would like you to call and tell me what books you were looking at. I know our discount from retail-if you are seeing them for less than we have them they must be giving them away. 888-258-2524 x3. Thank you. One more thing could you state a bit more of who you are when you post. One more thing--is it possible you are looking at the non-member prices?

John I will call motorbooks today--I see what you were looking at--they are having a "Spring" sale and for a limited time. The Jaguar selection is only a few titles we carry and if you noticed they are giving 60% off and our prices almost match that. That said I will see if they will extend that to us (bet it is already factored in) but if not then for the short time if one of those few strike your fancy they do have the best price. While you were looking did you find something you wanted? The point of the information we gave was that you were not limited to just Jaguar books. Thanks

UPDATE: I spoke with Motorbooks and expressed my displeasure. This decision was made at a high corporate level and at the functionary level it has made their (Motorbooks) life interesting. The HOT complaints are from retailers that are holding stock--wonder why? As JCNA is on a drop ship program with them we are not holding stock, but in an effort to do exactly what we said (provide a service) I would suggest that if you want a book take the best price that you find. While JCNA is a "retailer" of sorts we are not exactly profit driven. It was and is our intent to provide this service. The "sale" will only run until the end of the month and if I got the spirit of my phone conversation correct it may well end sooner (retailer pressure). I have asked that for those books at 60% off , JCNA be extended that discount. For books that are at 25% off I do not intend to change our pricing for a two week period and remember we are a drop ship program not a stocking retailer. If I find out more I will post it but until then happy shopping. On a positive note it was discovered that there are a couple of new titles JCNA was not informed of and they will be added to the shoppe as soon as the details are received.

Thanks for your looking into this. Also, as I am sure you know, I was not trying to be critical, but just giving you a heads up-as I think I fully understand that JCNA has given us a good service and deal. Your explaination is exactly what I expected and fully understood.

Thanks again for all your efforts.

John Tolle