New Regalia Growler Winged Key Fob

Started By: Steve Kennedy on 2013-06-28 04:49:16

JCNA has just received, like yesterday, an excellent reproduction of the 1950's Growler, Winged Key fob. It is now available in the Shoppe, Merchandise area. It is listed alphabetically under GLR-WINGED-FOB. It is just above the Clocks, which are still available too for $25.

PS, we looked at the other style of winged fob, but the wings keep getting stuck in your pocket.


Steve I received mine a few days ago. When I put it side by side with the original it is a match!! Well it is in better condition and it did not cost hundreds of dollars (last auctioned orig. was at more than 100 Euros). Thanks for bringing us this wonderful and original looking addition to our fine cars.