New Slalom Rules and Forms

Started By: Steve Weinstein on 2004-03-26 04:39:58

Attention slalom stewards and participants. The AGM in March approved an entirely revised set of rule for slalom. There have been a number of significant changes, including how we determine which cars are in stock class, Street Prepared class or modified class. The new rules have been posted on the Slalom Page and are available for download. All stewards and participants should read the rules and familiarize themselves with the new class qualifications.

Also, we have revised the entry forms for 2004 to comply with the rules. Slalom stewards should be sure to print the new forms and have them available at your events. Take special note of the Modifications Questionnaire attached to the entry form. You must be sure that anyone with a car that has any modifications fills that form out and circles ALL of the modifications that apply to their car. That is how you will determine whether a car ends up in Street Prepared or modified class.

Last, stewards should be sure to download and print out the Tech Inspection form and the Event Membership form. All cars MUST be inspected and the driver/owner MUST sign the acknowledgement on the Tech form. Also, all non-JCNA participants MUST fill out and sign the Event Membership form and pay an additional $5.00 fee. After the slalom, Event Membership forms and the $5.00 fee(s) must be sent to JCNA immediately.

Hopefully, the new rules and updated forms will make running the slalom events easier for everyone. Any questions, please contact me or your regional representative to the Slalom Committee.

Steve Weinstein
JCNA Slalom Committee Chair


importnat note... modifications must be reported when submitting results... it's simple as it's just a matter of entering the sequence of letters but that means that the modification questionaire must be kept and attached to the entry form, and available when reporting scores.

this is minor inconvenience since when viewing results, we will see who's running what mods and it will allow the slalom committee to refine Street Prepared criterias if needed...

Pascal Gademer
jcna webmaster

I have had a question arise regarding whether or not a slalom participant is required to participate in two slalom events in order to qualify for a national standing. As I read the rules, a club may run two events per year, but I don't see any requirement for the participant to run two events to qualify. Can you please verify my interpretation so that I can provide a definite response?

Rod Winegarner

Art Dickenson.
1983 XJS GT \"Silver\""


Art is right. You only need to participate in one sanctioned slalom event to win a national award. If you enter and your time is the fastest in the nation that year in your class, you win. We had some discussion when we were rewriting the rules of including a minimum number of slaloms for national standings, but with the difficulty that some clubs have in getting a location to race (my own club included), and the distances that can be involved in getting to a slalom run by a neighboring club in some parts of the country, it was decided to leave things as they were. But we also kept the 2-slaloms-per-year-per-club rule to keep the playing field fairly level.

So, if you run at only one slalom event and your time ends up putting you 1st, 2nd or 3rd nationally in your class, you win an award. Local awards can also be given by sponoring clubs. There are no regional slalom awards.

Steve Weinstein, JTC-NJ
JCNA National Slalom Chair