Posted By webmaster on 07 Jul 2020

To all IJF 2020 Participants,

2020 has been the year any of us could imagine. We have all felt a massive sense of uncertainty
and experienced the chaos with new challenges caused by COVID-19.

Considering the current pandemic, which may continue through this year, and possibly into next
year, hosting a concours, or any show under these conditions, is a Loss, Loss, for all concerned.

The bottom line is not how many members attend or how many sponsors exhibit; it is about the
safety of our people. The health and well-being of our Attendees, Sponsors, Judges, and
Volunteers are our number-one priorities.

Without a clear picture of how the virus will impact lives come October, and with no influence
or control over potential new or ongoing safety processes, the JCSWF board members have
concluded that we cannot place attendees, sponsors, or visitors in jeopardy of illness and or in a
life threading environment.

With deep sadness and respect for JCNA and the IJF event, the Jaguar Club of Southwest
Florida has decided to cancel and or reschedule the IJF 2020 in 2021.

For questions that you may have please contact Phil Mannino at philmannino2@gmail.com or

Kind Regards,

Jaguar Club of Southwest Florida
President and IJF Chairperson