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Not Just
Another Car Show!

by Gary Hagopian,
Jaguar Association of New England

posted 2/16/05

historic hom ion Madison, GA (Pic. Department of Economic Development
and the State of Georgia)

Is the 2005 Challenge Championship, Sept 21 - 26 at
the Chateau Elan, to be "just another JCNA concours"? Not by
a long shot! It is a Jaguar enthusiast's dream vacation, organized
by JCNA volunteers for one purpose only; your enjoyment!

The Challenge Championship, held only on the odd-numbered
years, is so elaborate an event that our volunteers needed that extra
year in between, just to rest up! That extra year has given you plenty
of time to prepare your Jaguar and arrange your schedule, while we planned
your vacation.

Many directors, volunteers, and a local JCNA affiliate
are dedicating hundreds of hours making sure that those who attend will
be royally entertained, totally immersed in "Gone With The Wind's"
old south, and challenged to demonstrate pride in their personal piece
of the Marque, by attending this event with a Jaguar! Additionally, an
appreciative group of JCNA's friends will provide physical and financial
support, without which this incredible event might not be possible.

Here on the Chateau's 3,500 acres in northern Georgia,
you will be presented with resort amenities, opportunities for sightseeing,
competition in all three of the JCNA's competition programs, and interaction
with like-minded Jaguar enthusiasts from all over north America. Most
of the above can be enjoyed, without having to leave the environment of
this world class resort.

2005 marks the anniversaries of two significant Jaguar
. Thirty years have passed since the introduction of
the XJS, Jaguar's longest running model. With so many produced and now
being restored, the XJS should be present in large numbers.

1935 SSII Tourer

(owner Kaye Kelsin,South Florida JC)

Seventy years have passed since introduction of the
SS 90, the first Jaguar sports car sensation. Hopefully the Challenge
Championship will attract a few, and their first cousins, the SS 100s
and SS1 Tourers to display and compete for awards in class one of JCNA's
(24) classes. Magnificent all, Jaguars, old and new, will be on display
for four days, touring, showing, rallying, and slaloming for our enjoyment.

Register now, as this venue is so popular in the fall,
that there is intense competition for hotel space. Here is the link from
which you can find all information about the 2005 Challenge Championship,
make hotel reservations, and view the resort's facilities.

Challenge Championship information:

The Challenge Championship is conducted with only
one objective; your enjoyment!

Don't miss it!


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