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Nov.-Dec. President's

by Gary Hagopian

posted 10/23/03


US Grand Prix, to XK's OPEN House, to the JCNA BOD Meeting

I've enjoyed the last three USGPs in Indy, primarily due to the efforts
of the JAGIN club who graciously arranged for all JCNA member attendees
to experience super special weekends. We drove my '62 E type, 18 hours
non-stop to Indianapolis, so we'd have a Jaguar to park at the Monument
Circle display in Downtown Indy.

As part of their activities, including a dinner with many "Jag
nuts" at the Union Jack Pub on Friday evening, and a reception at
the Columbia Club on Saturday evening, the JAGIN group arranged for Sir
Jackie Stewart, Phil Hill, and several Jaguar company officials to address
this "gathering of the hopeful", prior to the F1 race.

Following the interesting, wet, and exciting race on Sunday, in which
Jaguar earned one point, Mark Smith, Cliff Burk, and Tom Silnes, the guys
who made these benefits possible, hosted a tailgate cookout in the car
corral, albeit, in the rain! The generosity of these folks attracted JCNA
members from California (Tony Bill, Steve & Jean Mansen) to St Louis,
(Jim & Ben Hendrix) to NH. (John and me) This spirit shared among
JCNA members, is the element that keeps me so active in the JCNA.

After stuffing ourselves with JAGIN's Bratwurst, we hopped in the E,
for a rainy non-stop ride back to NH. One day to answer emails, pack,
and it was off to California with Sue, to attend the JCNA's Fall Director's
Meeting, XKs Unlimited's 30th anniversary open house celebration, and
a JCNA Concours held at the Len's ranch. The JCNA Directors were the
Len's guests at their open house, and the Saturday evening banquet
Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch!

The BOD meeting tested the patience of newly appointed Jaguar Car's
Designated Director, Malcolm Oliver
. He not only survived the ordeal,
but also was an active participant in the meeting discussion, and in every
one of the weekend's activities, along with his family! I'm sure that
the JCNA has found a winner in Malcolm! One important result of his
attending was the establishing of February 28th as a deadline for affiliates
to file their Special Events Requests with Nelson Rath
, JCNA Administrative
manager. In this manner, Jaguar Cars can deal with these, one time only,
instead of handling them piecemeal, resulting in annoying delays. All
previous requests for Jaguar Cars' support have now been addressed.

We discussed JCNA policy for accepting new affiliates, a subject that
will be presented by the Tulsa club, for a vote at the 2004 AGM. We
are currently in the process of accepting the petitions of additional
affiliates in California and Victoria, B.C.

The BOD, having received grass-roots support for a JCNA award honoring
Karen Miller, has approved naming the top affiliate Newsletter Award in
her honor in 2004
. A Special Awards Committee, taking effect in the
spring, is currently being formed to handle all future JCNA annual special

The Board voted to resurrect the Challenge Cup as the top prize
for the highest JCNA Concours point-scoring Jaguar, once methods for tie
braking can be developed by the newly formed study committee. Expect to
hear more on the subject at the AGM.

Directors reported several complaints from constituents regarding
poor quality, non-standard trophies received in JCNA competition
Competitors felt short-changed, since "coveted" standard JCNA
trophies were expected. Concours chairs take note! When competitors pay
an entry fee, they expect "first quality".

Plans for the March 13-15, 2004 AGM, to be held on the Queen Mary in
L.A. are now complete
. JOCLA, our hosts, are planning interesting
activities to enhance the AGM experience. Please sign up early! We need
you there, and not just by proxy!

A Challenge Championship Scouting Committee consisting of Dennis
Eynon, Lisa Hendrix, Joe Newell, Roy Cleveland, and Lynn Cunningham, has
selected a site and a schedule of events in the Atlanta GA area for the
Sept.21-25, 2005 event
. If you missed the last one in Phoenix, try
not to make that mistake again in 2005!

Representing the BOD, Bill Streitenberger and I visited Jaguar headquarters
in Irvine We had a productive meeting with Richard Beattie, George Ayres,
James Thomas, and Malcolm Oliver, developing the means by which our groups
can achieve our mutual goals.

I'd like to remind you that your Regional Director candidate is awaiting
your vote!
Please utilize the ballot and mailing label found in the
Sept/Oct issue of the Jaguar Journal. These volunteers conduct the business
of the JCNA at their own expense. Your vote is considered an expression
of appreciation.

Let's all develop the JAGIN spirit! Get involved! Vote! Attend the
AGM, and plan to be in Atlanta in 2005!


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