November Perspective

Another Challenge Championship is just a memory and what a great memory it is! The event started off with a BBQ dinner at the "Barn" where the local club holds their meetings. Present for all to enjoy was an interesting display of Jaguar items, including racing suits, signs, and, of course, some very nice Jaguars.

Wednesday morning started early with a rally organized by the Cincinnati club. The rally covered some very beautiful areas of rural Ohio and ended up at the wonderful Packard museum in Dayton for lunch. On the way back, we stopped at the Air Force museum, which is a visit not to be missed if you have the time to take it in.

Thursday started with the Slalom. I made a couple of runs and then decided to hold off until the afternoon. There was some light gravel on the blacktop and I figured the other cars would clean it off for me! I was right and was able to turn the best time in the afternoon on the cleaner course. Thursday evening was the awards banquet for the rally and slalom, held at a nearby convention center.

Friday was an off day with a XKE seminar scheduled. Mike Mueller was one of the presenters and was setting up items for display when I arrived at the room. I ended up talking to another gentleman in the front who I did not know. He turned out to be Dr. Haddock of the famous "XKE Originality Guide" book. It was a great seminar and should not have been missed by any serious XKE enthusiast. Friday evening was the Cruise-In for the Arthritis Foundation. There were over 1,100 cars in attendance along with live entertainment.

Saturday was the Concours with over 70 XKEs registered. Add to that a lot of various other Jaguars and it was quite a show.

Saturday evening was the Awards banquet. The Ohio club gave out trophies to special Jaguars selected by the sponsors. Next, Jaguar Cars supplied a very special trophy for the top XKE, along with ten limited-edition XKE 50th anniversary books, for winners determined by people's choice voting. Choosing the top XKEs would have been a daunting task using any other method.

Lou Fidanza brought his Grand Tourismo XKE, one of the most competitive racing Jags in recent history. I talked at length to him and learned quite a bit about XKE suspension settings. Hopefully some of these ideas will work on my slalom car in the never-ending quest for a faster time around the cones.

All in all, this year's Challenge Championship a wonderful and well attended event. The JCNA owes a big thanks to George, Jim, and all of the folks in the Jaguar Association of Central Ohio (JACO).

I am really surprised that the attendance level is not higher at these events. If you have not attended one of these major JCNA events, you're really missing out on some terrific cars and experiences. There is something for everyone to take part in and to have a good time doing so. And the national JCNA events are very affordable due to our fine supporting sponsors.

On a sad note, Dan Algarin has left his position with Jaguar Cars and as such is no longer our Jaguar Club Liaison. Dan has done an outstanding job of promoting the JCNA inside of the Jaguar Company and is a true car enthusiast on top of it all. There are many behind the scenes things he has done to help the JCNA during his tenure. He will be missed and we wish him well.

By the time the next Journal is published, JCNA should have another very big new benefit for the membership. I cannot discuss it at this time but stay tuned for further information.
As we are right in the middle of show season, most owners are busy showing their cars. To keep everyone on an even playing field, the JCNA will require that Judges rosters be up to date before clubs are granted an event sanction. This enforcement starts next year so there is plenty of time to get things in order. However, this does not mean that this year a club can have a show without having qualified trained judges present. A Judges report still needs to be filled out after the event to indicate that JCNA-certified judges were in attendance. This requirement is to insure that cars are being judged in accordance with the JCNA judging requirements. This is not a new rule but rather an existing one that is going to be enforced with a bit more rigor.

Having a high-scoring car on the national level is a notable accomplishment and JCNA needs to be certain that our judging scores do represent the best of the best. Over the years, many cars for sale are advertised as having high JCNA scores or trophies primarily because JCNA's standards are acknowledged even by non-members. Therefore it is vitally important that JCNA continue to uphold and even improve the quality of its judging.