"Once in a lifetime"

Started By: George Camp on 2010-12-28 07:27:40

As posted the JCNA shoppe will offer all sorts of unusual and wonderful things "Jaguar" in the future. We are proud to announce the first item will be up shortly and what an item it is! JCNA is offering a virtually complete set of official Jaguar Parts manuals covering the period 1950 to 1990. To collect these manuals one at a time would take a lot of time and a whole lot more $$$ than these are offered for. I have included two sample pics but all manuals are not pictured. Shipping is free and there is ONE SET only! It is strictly first come first serve. While some may wonder at the price please remember there are some rare manuals included: for example a 2 vol. set of the XK150 parts manual which trade hands at $500 or more in the shape these are. These manuals are annotated and are used--some are a bit shopworn but very accurate. A full listing follows but if you have questions please e-mail George Camp at PublicationsatJCNA.com. Thanks and enjoy--

These are all one copy each as follows:
XK120 Publication J-8 Dated OCT 1950
MK VII J-21 July 1957
Mk VIII J-24 June 1958
Automatic Transmission manual J-19 (Mk VII and XK140) July 1956
MK X (3.8L) J-32 Dec. 1962
420 J-39 Sept 1967
3.4L saloon J-25 Nov 1958 (AKA MK1)
MK X (4.2L) J-36 Aug 1965
"S" Type J-35 Aug 1964
4.2 E-Type (2+2) J-38 Jan 1967 (Rare)
3.4 and 3.8L Mk2 J-34 April 1964
4.2 E-Type J-37 Nov 1965
2.4L Saloon J-26 (AKA Mk1) June 1959
J-33 2.4L Mk2 April 1964
J29/1 XK150 Dec. 1960 (very rare)
J29/2 XK150 Dec 1960 (very rare)
RTC9885CE XJ6 S3 and Daimler Soverign S3 May 1985
RTC9886CE XJ12 and Daimler Double Six S3 May 1985
RTC9885CD XJ6 S3 and Daimler Soverign April 1984
RTC9885CF XJ6 and Daimler Soverign S3 Aug 1986
Daimler 2 1/2 L Saloon D-4 April 1964
RTC9885CA Jaguar XJ6 S3 and Daimler Soverign June 1980 (very first cars)
RTC9097 Jaguar XJ6 S2 and Daimler Soverign S2 July 1978
RTC 9097B Jaguar XJ6 and Daimler Soverign S2 Aug 1975
RTC 9014 Jaguar Series 3 E-Type (V-12) Feb 1974 (OTS car)
RTC9893CE Jaguar XJ6 2.9 and 3.6 L (XJ40) Jan 1989
RTC9888CE XJ-S HE and V-12 Aug 1987
RTC9888CD XJ-S and XJ-S HE Oct 1985
Jaguar XJ-S RTC 9109A Aug 1975 (the first cars--rare in this condition)
IPLs--(Interim Parts Lists) these are very rare and were intended to be temporary but in all cases were never updated as there was a model change.

IPL for the 420 "G"
IPL for the 240/340
IPL for the 1968 E-Type
IPL for the Series 2 E type
IPL for air-conditioning parts for the E type
IPL-5 Late series 2 E type (update of prior changes but all inclusive)

So 35 manuals-all in one place with free shipping what a great gift for a club to give to itself! Thanks and stay tuned for more--make sure you are signed up for the shoppe forum--and your friends too!

By the way they will be in the NEW Archives section under REF.LIBRARY