Optional Car Badge Bracket

Started By: Steve Kennedy on 2012-07-18 03:55:34

A new item has been listed on the Shoppe/Merchandise (click on the dark green polo shirt to see Merchandise items).

There have been requests from those who actually want to mount their car badges on their car instead of putting them on their display shelf along with all their other Stuff.

JCNA has just had custom chrome brackets made which allow the car badges to be better fastened to the grille of your Jaguar.

The bracket is listed just above the E-Type 50th Anniversary badge bracket as E50BADGE-BK but it will work for the JCNA SJAG-3057
car badge as well.

If you would just like to order one or two of these brackets at $2.00 each, please send an email directly to skennedyatjcna.com and I will send you one for the $2.00 plus postage. If you just order one of them from the web site, you will automatically be charged the $7.95 shipping and handling charge.

Steve Kennedy
JCNA Regalia Chair