power steering question xj12c

Started By: stephen thomas on 2013-06-23 04:18:26

I have just tried to replace my power steering hoses on my 75 xj12c , I bought the orginal hoses ,the rack had been replaced and the hoses where wrong ,it took the same hoses as an xjs . when I called to get the correct hose high pressure ,I was told there was an upgrade ,so I took that one .I replaced the bushings an 2 low pressure hoses and installed the new high pressure hose .the coupling for the power steering pump is a smaller size .MY quest is has anyone tackled this problem before ? can I get an adapter for the contention or should I start all over an get the proper hp hose. or can I replace the power steering pump to solve the problem .


The earlier power steering pumps us a flare fitting on the back of the pumps high pressure fitting. The later ones use an o-ring style hose seal. The parts at the back of the pump are interchangeable but you need to change the outer fitting and the plunger as a set. These parts are readily available from shops that build pumps. It can also be easily done on the car without removing the pump.

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