Proper parts help- 64 MKII

Started By: Dave Goodson on 2008-06-05 05:39:36

Not a big deal, and won't affect runability.
First, my rear door vent windows.
There are different actuators on each side.
They operate somewhat differently.
One won't stay locked shut, which makes me believe it is the wrong one.
Anybody got a photo of what they should look like? Raised tab on the arm to the window or flat?

Next, ignition switch.

I have a big chrome nut on mine.
I have a spare dash, with a smaller bezel with a notch on either side for tightening.

Make any difference on a 64 which retainer to use?



if you place a picture of both window vents, I can compare with my S type which is more or less similar hardware to the MK-II.

what a coincidence: In my S type, I also have a big chrome nut on the ignition switch. that's because the notched nuts are impossible to tighten without the proper tool, so the ignition switch always ends up moving when you turn the key, not good. I still have the chromed notched nut but not the right tool.

I'll try in a bit.
I know about the tool for those bezels.
We used to grind down a set of sharp-nose pliers.