Proposed Rally Program Manual

Started By: Brian Blackwell on 2005-03-06 03:52:51

The proposed rewrite to the Rally Program manual to accomplish several previously voted changes and propose modifications to the overall program. Please see the Rally page and look near the bottom for all the pdf files associated with the rewrite of the manual for 2005 that will be up for vote at the AGM.

Highlights of the proposed program changes:
- Creation of a Monte Carlo Division and a Time-Speed-Distance Division
- Creating two classes in each Division, one with only speedometer needle used per 2004 vote, but to add a class with all stock instruments allowed.
- Recommendation to go to a total points system for all events participated in, but program will work on lowest time.
- Minimum of 3 timed stages for use in Rally Championship scoring, but other gimmicks, regularity, poker, gymkhana stages allowed as rally master and members want.
- Awards made to teams, who can include a JCNA member's immediate family for national awards.
Various clarifications and new instructions provided to update and define for both divisions. My proposal would be to vote yes/no on each of these items, and on the whole manual rewrite.

Brian Blackwell
San Antonio JC
JCNA Rally Committee