Pylon size

Started By: Judith Mandell on 2004-09-23 08:12:25

Judith Mandell
Is there a standard size and color for pylons?


We use with success the larger, bright orange ones traffic cones. They stand 28" tall and are 15" square at the base. I wouldn't go any bigger. This size is tall enough for the drivers to see easily while on the course. They are fairly weighty and may not tip over if you "touch" one on the course! As a plus, when caught underneath the car, they can be dragged for quite a distance without harm to car or cone. ;-)

Happy slaloming!

Ginger Corda
66 & 71 E-Types

My preference is for the smaller cones, not the large ones shown in Ginger's photo. The smaller ones are about 12" tall, I believe. Cones should be bright orange.

Why the smaller ones? First, you need 29 of them. Much easier to manage than 29 of the big ones, plus they are a lot cheaper. Second, on the course, you should not be fixated on the cones. You should be looking ahead to the next spot you're going to, not where you are at. With the larger ones, I think there is too much of a tempation to look at them as you go by. And if you look at it, you're more likely to hit it. Also, the small ones are easier to get out from under a car than the big ones (ask me how I know).

Just my $.02. The rules don't call for a specific size. It's up to the club running the event (and buying the cones) to decide.

Steve Weinstein, JCNA Slalom Chair

As I recall, the original rules gave a minimum size for the cones. I don't remember the height of the new ones I acquired for JTC (about 15 - 16"?), but I believe they were a few inches taller than the allowed minimum. They also have the benefit of being softer -- including the bases -- than the older cones used by the club. The larger ones, like Ginger's, have a very heavy base which can dent the sheetmetal if knocked over and dragged under a car.

Warren Hansen
70 E-Type FHC \"Silver Bolide

Back a few years ago as Slalom chair, I had instituted a rule limiting the size of the cones to a MINIMUM height of 12 inches. I felt (still feel)that smaller cones than 12 " cones are an advantage, as one can actually miss 'em with the bumper, run them over, and they'll sometimes just pop back up and stay within the chalk lines! Conversely, cones taller than 12" tho easier to see, seem to me to be easier to tip, and because of their weight, might make a larger impact higher up on the bodywork.

Presently, there is no rule on size nor color (unimportant)of our slalom cones.

Gary Hagopian

I am sorry to have to inform you re the slalom cone sizes that you have been misinformed. If you check the 2004 Slalom Rules, you will find almost at end of the last page, ITEM J states, 29 cones must be used with a minimum height of 12 inches.
I feel it is correct to maintain this minimum size, and the cones also should be as soft as possible to not cause damage to any ones cars competing at our events ,
With Respect,

Art Dickenson.
1983 XJS GT \"Silver\""

My goodness, I guess there goes a few buck$ worth of cones that can kill. ;-p Art, Gary, how did our cars survive it? Oh, I remember, mine was out on the first run with a pinched wire and smokey interior. cough! cough!

I remember someone dragging a cone - oooh! At least if you touched it with your tire, it wouldn't tip over easily due to the shear weight.


1971 E-Type