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Started By: Jeff Booth on 2006-01-12 07:14:37

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Greetings Slalomeers......

I'm from the Ontario Jaguar Owners Association. We've got something over 250+ members and it looks like we're going to have our first JCNA Slalom event -- in a long time -- this year. A lot is happening in this direction and there is solid enthusiasm from members. We're hoping to have it in late summer, early fall.

Our nascent slalom is being put together by a trio of super guys -- Nelson Burkhart, Ross Hamilton and Rob Hutchinson -- the first two who have competed in other JCNA slaloms, and who are already known to many of you. As club prez, I'm trying the facilitate wherever possible.

Now, for the immediate reason for this posting:

Does anybody have a video clip (or clips) from a Slalom that they can e-mail to me ( ) ? Also, if you have any interesting still images from Slalom activity, INCLUDING behind-the-scenes stuff, we'd really appreciate receiving them. I would like to use several video clips in a presentation at our February meeting to show as many members as possible what the slalom event is really like.

Thanks in advance, everyone. We appreciate your time and your efforts...

Jeff Booth
Ontario Jaguar Owners Association Inc.
President & Chair Concours d'Elegance

PS: Ginger Corda, if you're reading this, can you please resend me your Oscar-nominated performance from the "Ginger the Cone Killer" video. Thanks/jeff

PPS: We will, of course, keep this list up to date on our progress.


Several years ago, Gary Hagopian sent us a video tape prepared for JCNA, showing how to run a slalom. I still have a copy someplace, if you send me a mailing address ( I would be glad to forward it to you.

Gary should have some material, but have you checked the slalom page? there are a few clips there... you can find many clips and hundreds of pictures either in the slalom gallery or by going to the slalom page of the 2005, 2003 and 2001 JCNA Challenge Championships.

links on the library page....

Pascal Gademer

Hi Michael, hi Pascal,

Thanks for the leads.

Pascal, I had been on the slalom page earlier and tried to download clips to my computer -- but I am unable to save copies of them from the JCNA page to my own desktop. That's specifically why I've asked folks to send me their clips, if possible. I'll then just load them into my laptop and use that for a PowerPoint presentation next month.
Thanks also for the slalom gallery lead....I'll go there.

Best regards
Jeff Booth


if you right click on a link to a clip (WMV or Real or..) and choose Save Target As (in Internet Explorer... lingo maybe different in NN or FF) you will be able to save the file on your computer.

Pascal Gademer


We will compile a "Slalom CD" of videos and pictures that will be entertaining and educational for your members. Please write me offlist with your mailing address and it will be on it's way!

Ginger Corda
1971 E-Type FHC
1966 E-Type OTS
1966 Austin-Healey BJ8

Art Dickenson.
1983 XJS GT "Silver"

Hi Jeff,
I showed your boys Nelson and Ross how to get round the track as best I could in Franklin Tenasee, that was at the Chal. Championship. I seem to remember that Nelson took a good trophy home with him,
We met again this last year at the Atlanta event, those boys are keen, it is fun teaching these people how to get around quick. Seing them suceed is also a bonus,
Best Wishes, Slalomingly Yours,
Art Dickenson


I'm happy to hear that another club will be holding a JCNA slalom, and giving their membership a chance to have some REAL fun with very little prep or instruction required!

Send me the email address to which you'd like the clip sent, and I'll forward one of my '62 etype fhc. Although not the fastest of my runs, it's a good demo. #31 is still holds the current "all-time" record of 38.92 seconds. This, I believe, will soon change, what with Art's determination, and Dick Maury's new car being fielded. I drove Maury's car, and believe that "seat-time" is all that's needed for him to establish a time in the "37s".

Slalom and HPDE are fantastic ways to exercise our cats without running afoul of the law, and to stimulate interest in club membership.

Good Luck!


MK IX 1960 She has 29m miles on her and she drive like a champion. What a great car. I will get more pictures and a tape ready. She's such a beauty. It looks like we may have to relocate to HI. so I may have her up for sale. If I do have to sell her it will be awhile before that happens. But I would like to make sure she stays with Jag people. Happy New Year!

Jeff. There is a whole gaggle of Jaguar guys on this side of Toronto that don't presently belong to the OJOA or JCNA that might be interested in participating in an event like that.


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If OJOA held a sanctioned rally too, then the cub will have pulled a hat trick.

Dan Lokun
Toronto Canada
90 XJ-S

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Sorry it took so long, but I've mailed you the slalom CD today. It should arrive to you by the end of the week. Hope you like it.


Art Dickenson.
1983 XJS GT "Silver"

Ginger, thanks for doing all the video clips .................... without you and Mike the cupboards would be bare, of video clips that is.
Ar eyou still using the Sony,

Thanks Art,

We are using a Sony, but a new one that stores on a "card" - not the CD one I still have. We hope to get some better shots from the tower overooking the slalom course this next time - Feb 19.

One of my favorite runs is the shot we did of David Hinton's race prepped XK120 from the roof of Fantasy of Flight.

Several clips are at the bottom of the JCNA slalom page:

Nice clip of Hinton's 120. Not as showy as 'wavy Davy's' track performances although a lot more conducive to good slalom times. Nice to see others having alignment issues at the same spots as I do.

120 FHC - retired competition
Mk2 competition
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Thanks to everyone who offered video clips, JPEGs, advice, encouragement and support -- we have just applied for sanctioning for our Inaugural Slalom.

First car through the timing gates will be on Saturday, Sept. 2, at the Hershey Centre, in Mississauga, Ontario, which is immediately west of Toronto.

Thanks especially to Ginger Corda and Mike Baker of Jaguar Clubs of Florida . . . your comprehensive CD of slalom images and video clips was a highlight of our meeting this week. The video clips, especially, were excellent, in that they clearly showed many OJOA folks what a Slalom was all about.

Thanks also to OJOA's Ross Hamilton, our Slalom Chair. (I'll add the other names, once I know these people are OK with having their names published here).

Enthusiastic OJOA members have already pledged donations that to-date cover more than half the cost of timing equipment.

We'll have a Slalom page up on our website soon...

Thanks again to everyone.
Jeff Booth / OJOA

Great news, Jeff! Gave me a big smile thinking of the fun you are about to have. Smoke 'em!

I'm glad the pics and videos got your club stirred up. Don't forget, you can apply to JCNA for your club's one-time partial reimbursement.

Your pal,

Ginger Corda
1971 E-Type FHC
1966 E-Type OTS

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