Re.: thanks and radio help

Started By: Tom & Sara Neyer on 2009-01-25 13:09:06

Edited on 2009-01-26 0:50:20

First, thanks to all who responded about tool kits.

We are looking for a period authentic AM/FM radio for our 1966 Mk2. Any one know of reliable vendors? Or someone who sells old, vintage radios with new modern guts? We need one that is either negative earth or convertible.

The one in our car is only AM...not much to listen to there...and doesn't work anyway.

Thanks in advance.



The most popular radio at the time was the Radiomobile brand. whether there was FM in 1966, I don't know, my first car was in 1969 and I installed a AM/FM 8-track Pioneer in 1970.

There are a couple of Radiomobiles on eBay right now.


Tom I have a "Jaguar Script" Am radio from 1966. Interested? There are a couple of companies that convert the radios to modern internals but retain the outer case and controls.