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Regional Director Elections

Gary Hagopian

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Following are the results of the JCNA's 2003 annual election of Directors:

- Northeast: Gary Hagopian

- Southeast: No nominations, but Lynn Cunningham, North GA Jaguar Club volunteered, and was appointed to serve the post vacated by Dick Deibel.

- North Central: Mike Ksiazek

- South Central: Brock McPherson

- Northwest: Marcy Croy Vanwely

- Southwest: Bill Streitenberger

As JCNA President, I congratulate and welcome the incoming directors, and thank all outgoing directors for their service. Both Dick Deibel who produces the JCNA Directory, and Dick Cavicke, head of the Concours Judging Rules Committee, are expected to continue their important work.

These volunteers donate their time and pay their own expenses related to service as directors. They travel in their respective regions, helping JCNA affiliates, coordinating activities, and putting a "face" to the JCNA. Their decisions at two board meeting each year, will help guide the JCNA as we grow. Please try to remember to invite them to all your events.

Finally, I thank JCNA Legal Counsel Brock McPherson and Ray Cheely CPA, for their efforts in managing the Director elections, and promptly reporting these results.

Gary Hagopian,
JCNA President

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