Regional Director Election Resutls

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Regional Director Election Results

Pascal Gademer, Webmaster

South Florida Jaguar Club *

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To: President Eynon, the JCNA Board of Directors, and all JCNA members

From: G. Hagopian, Chmn. JCNA Nominating Committee

To all concerned,

The independent accounting concern, R. L. Moore C.o., Lexington KY, has certified the following winners of the 2008 JCNA Regional Director Elections:

Steve Weinstein, N. E.
David Roth, S. E.
D. Bryan Williams, N. C.
Brian Blackwell, S. C.
Doug Ingram, N. W.
Tom Krefetz, S. W.

On behalf of the JCNA membership, the officers, and the directors, the committee wishes to congratulate all who participated in the elections.
We hope that your term will be both enjoyable and productive.


Gary Hagopian, Nominating Committee

Regional Director Election Results

Dan Lokun

Jaguar Affiliates Group of Michigan *

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Congratulatgions to them all.
Dan Lokun
Toronto Canada

Re.: Regional Director Election Results

Sherman D. Taffel

Nation s Capital Jaguar Owners Club *

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Edited on 2008-02-24 16:26:22

My compliments to all willing to serve: both re-elected and new Board members.
Looking forward to working with all and seeing you in Pittsburgh!

Sherman D. Taffel
JCNA Secretary, NE Director
Nations Capital Jaguar Owners Club

'72 E-type FHC (timing chain tensioner surgery in process)
'76 XJ12C fuel injection system refurb project
'89 XJS V-12 fact convert 1st 400/12:1 comp
'96 XJR triple black

Sherman D Taffel,JCNA Sec;72 E FHC,timing chain tensioner proj;76XJ12C fuel inj proj;88XJS96 XJR

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