Replacing O2 sensor

Started By: John Peterson on 2014-08-27 11:55:18

Does this require a special tool? Finding it impossible to get at it to unscrew/remove.


Sorry. posted too quickly. problem child is a 1991 Sovereign

I keep a fairly long 7/8" combination wrench around that I have slightly modified for these O2 sensors. The boxed end of the wrench is already offset slightly, but I have heated and bent another offset about 1 1/2" from the original bend. With that I can disconnect the sensor and push the connectors through the boxed end and slide it down the wire and onto the sensor for removal.
Be sure to use some penetrating oil first, and be prepared for the threads to possibly damage on the way out. Something may be necessary to chase the threads to clean them up for the new sensor.

Good luck!