RMJC Precision (Slalom) Driving Event

by: Bob Grossman, Head Driving Instructor

A beautiful day, an impressive lineup of students' and veterans' cars, a very nice facility with a great racing surface, portapottys, flawless timing and a massive array of food made for a top quality event.

'Staff' arrived early, Kennedys, Grossmans, Days, Frank Oakley, Gordon Kenney (just because he likes to be early, was drafted) and all of the Horrall clan. By 10, the course was laid out, the timing gear set up and tested, tables and tents erected, Sue Day's fresh bagel and spread breakfast consumed and haggles over helmets were completed. By start time we had 12 cars and 14 drivers registered.

Students and participants were all on site, inspected, signed-up, and orientation was begun by 10:15 AM or so. The track-walk session was completed by all 14 entrants and an eager group was lead out on track by the event's two driving instructors, veterans Pat Grossman and Gene Cookenboo. Utilizing pace cars manned by Pat G and Gene C, the driver's dynamic orientation sessions proceeded in small groups from walking speed course memorization through driving line and car positioning training. The instructor led training was completed by 11 and a lunch break was declared.

Slightly before 1 PM the group was champing at the bit to put their newly acquired skills to the test and the individual runs commenced. Competition quickly developed amongst the predominating XK8s and times rapidly fell throughout the afternoon from high 50 second initial runs down into the high 40's by the end of the day. The heavyweights of the group, the four XJSs also enthusiastically got into the fray and their times showed substantial improvement throughout the afternoon.

By 2:30 the group was pretty much collected around the scoreboard looking at the times, pointing fingers and making thinly veiled threats about the times they were going to post in the 'real' slaloms upcoming in August and September. From the looks of it, RMJC will be sending some very respectable times to the JCNA by the end of the season.

Highly motivated drivers: Gene Cookenboo, Pat Grossman, Gordon Kenney, Cyndi (wildwoman) Mumm, Ray Horrall, Deanie Kennedy, Calvin Bradford, Dwight, Ron, and all of the rest of the XK8 contingency. Well done all!

->Best line through the north east corner on the 'X' lap has to go to Frank Oakley in his modified XJS.
->Low time for the meet: Bob Grossman, E-Type coupe; followed by Pat Grossman, same old E coupe; Gene Cookenboo in his
->Excluding the pace car drivers, the most miles covered on course has to go to Gordon Kenney!
->Longest patch of rubber out of the start box: Bob Grossman
->Most enthusiastic fan club: Deanie Kennedy

A show of appreciation to the powers-that-be for the use of the Front Range Airport property and provision of not one but two portapotties, would be a large number of RMJC Jaguars at their shine and show car show/air show August 29th this year. 29 miles well spent on a very generous provision folks.

Thanks to all the 'staff' and participants for a very enjoyable and successful precision driving event. "Heck of a day!" photo by B.Grossman