Scenic Drive April 5, 2014 from Cars and Coffee

Thanks to everyone who participated at our event at Cars and Coffee on Saturday! Its great to watch our club grow. Here are the stats from Saturdays event: Number of New Members who signed up Saturday: 3 Number of Jaguars parked with us: 11 (because we ran out of room!) 3 more in the lot. If we get a little bigger Mike Mowery might be willing to park with us. Number of Jaguars on Scenic drive: 8 Number of women on the Scenic drive: 2 and a half (my wife showed up at the last minute when she heard there was food) Number of miles traveled: 37 Donuts provided: 24 Donuts eaten by people other than Chuck and George: 6 How excited people were to see us there in force: 10 (scale 1-10) Weather held and warmed up during the drive. James did a great job leading us through the back roads of Williamson County. He said that we made the whole trip of 37 miles without getting caught at a single light. The food at HenPeck was great and the seating arrangement even better. Big tables for big groups. Im working on an exciting stop for our next drive! Demos of our embroidered shirts should be ready to show by Kars4Kids. Working on the F-Type Coupe release party with the dealership but they really dont know exactly when the cars will arrive. Best guess is the first week in May. Had a great meeting with the management team and they really want to learn about the Jaguar marque and want to us to help. They have exciting new plans for expansion of the existing Land Rover dealership to incorporate Jaguar.