Factory Parts Catalogues

XJ6 Series (XJ40).

Official Parts Catalog.

XJ6 & Daimler Sovereign Series III.

Models to Aug 1985. 354 pgs.

Jaguar Interim Parts list for the 1968 E-Type (IPL)

A must have if your car is a 1968 Series 1 E-Type (popularly called a 1.5). Use this in conjunction with the S1 Parts.

Jaguar E-Type Series 1 4.2 2+2 Parts Catalog (J.38)

Detailed descriptions, illustrations, and numbers for the 2+2 only. (Useful for 1968 2+2 but not suggested for Series 2)

Jaguar E-Type ILLUSTRATED parts Catalog Series 2 1969-1971

The Book Jaguar did not publish now available through one man's efforts. Excellent and a must have for the Series 2 owner.

Authorized reprint of the XK 120 Parts Manual Hardbound

Available after decades this covers all 3 models of the XK120 and includes a copy of the JCNA technical seminar JS120. Hard bound this book is a worthy addition to your pride and joy. Much less than unauthorized copies.

Jaguar 4.2L Jaguar E-Type Official Parts Manual

Illustrations for the OTS and FHC E-Type (not 2+2)

Jaguar V-12 2+2 Official parts catalog

THis covers the V-12 (series 3) 2+2 (coupe)

Hess and Eisenhardt Parts manual

Actually both parts and service with all technical update bulletins and recalls. A must have if you own the last coach built car! Over 500 pages of instructions and illustrations.

XK120 Authorized parts manual Soft cover under plastic

Same manual as the hardbound but in a spiral format--perfect for a "garage" copy!


Covers 3.4 & 3.8 models. 248 pgs, drawings, diagrams. (J35).

XK140 authorized parts manual reprint --plus

This is a reprint of the J15 XK140 parts manual which is rare enough. You also get parts manuals J18 and J19 the overdrive and automatic suppliments to the XK140. This is a hardbound 450 plus pages of valuable information.

3.8 E-type.

Covers 3.8 litre open & FHC models. 334 pgs, drawings, diagrams. (J30).

Soft cover reprint of the XK140 parts manual

This includes J15(XK140) and J18 and J19 (overdrive and automatic) parts listings. Same as the hardbown copy but with spiral bind and soft cover--perfect for that boot copy. Please note illustration is for hard copy.

Series 2 E-type.

Covers Fixed Head Coupe, 2+2 models. Contains illus. from parts catalogs J37 & J38. 296 pgs.

Parts and Service catalog for the very first E Types

Published by Jaguar Cars US before a factory parts or service catalog was published. The E type was introduced to the world in March 1961. This publication was issued April 1 1961. This covers only the very first cars--must have for owners.

E-type V12 Series 3 Open 2 Seater.

All parts illus. & numbered. 240 pgs, drawings.

Vol.1&2 of the 1960s ed. of the XK150 parts manuals

Unlike poor quality copies this re-issue has color coded pages for O?D, automatic, and the "S" version. Complete and accurate. A must have for an XK150 restoration or owner of this fab. car. 3 ring binder with section dividers.

XJ6 Series I. Parts manual

300+pages. Fully illustrated

Parts manual for the Jaguar 420

Fully illustrated parts catalog for this short lived but wonderful car. Over 300 pages including the factory air condition system.

XJ6 Series II.

400 pgs, drawings.