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Jaguar Archival material Jaguar Collectibles and Archive Items

The stock of archive items that were provided by Jaguar Landrover some 6 years ago have been exhausted. We should thank JLR for extending that to JCNA. With the formation of the Coventry Foundation JLR has made a decision to funnel excess materials to the Foundation to be offered at large to tthe Jaguar Community but with the hope that much of it is enjoyed by JCNA members. Currently there are some items on the new Coventry Foundation e bay site. You simply need to go to WWW.COVENTRYFOUNDATION.ORG and then the E Bay button. This will expand and will not only have literature but also promotional items and artifacts. This will be a direct sale --not an auction. If you have an item you desire but perhaps has not yet been placed on the site please consider writing the Foundation. Please do not order from this form. The $0.01 is only to comply with the program requirements. Any orders here will be ignored and not refunded.