JCNA Publications

Jaguar XK 120 Judges Guide

JCNA member Robert Sheridan along with several other renowned experts including co-author Roger Payne, a respected XK 120 authority, offer to JCNA members and clubs this excellent guide for the XK 120. Robert has graciously given JCNA exclusive permission to provide this work in printed form and electronic, downloadable. PDF versions. This work is his property and is copyrighted and tightly controlled. While it may appear that a non member may order at $1500 that is simply for store operations and will not be honored if membership is not confirmed.

60 Years of the Jaguar Journal 1955 to 2015

This collection of scanned PDFs spans 60 years of Jaguar Journal.  Over 330 issues are provided on a USB Drive with copy protection, which means that the contents may not be downloaded or duplicated from the USB Drive.  This is a must have addition to any serious Jaguar  collectors library. These issues are filled with long lost photographs and coverage of racing Jaguar cars on the North American continent.


All new membership brochure for 2018. Produced by the Membership Committee this professional TRI-FOLD brochure is an effective recrutment tool. The cover features the JCNA 60th logo (1958-2018)  Club officers may order these in sets of 10. Use the quantity block to receive the required number. Postage and $0.01 per 10 is charged. 

The JCNA Official MK2 Judges Guide

A must have for the serious show crowd and a very useful publication for restorations.

JCNA Official Judging Guide for XJ-S 1976 to 1991

30 pages of detail for the serious show person and a great tool for evaluation of an XJ-S COLOR

JCNA Official Series 2 E-Type Judges guide

Full of wonderful color pictures to help correct the years of neglect on your E. As with all of these guides you can not prin

XK120 Technical Seminar

Phila.'89 (1st ed) by Karen Miller, 3rd Edition March 22-26, 2000. 42nd AGM Vancouver,B.C.

JCNA Official Judges Guide to the 1968 E-Type (1968)

Complete coverage of this one year only E-Type. A must have for the serious restorer of show person.

Series III V12 E Type Technical Seminar

Tampa '90 by Karen Miller

Master Jaguar Judging Package

A complete set of ALL JCNA Technical Seminars and Judging Guides. If you are serious about knowing Jaguar or a restorer/ shop these are a must. All JCNA clubs holding a sanctioned concours are required to hold a full set of these!

JCNA Official Judging Guide for the Series 1 E-Type.

A must have if you want your car correct. An aid for restorers and shops. Very detailed and time tested.

XK140 Technical Seminar

Cleveland '92

JCNA guide to Jaguar air conditioning 1955 to 1971.

If you are interested in the history of Jaguar AC or Just want your restoration correct this guide is a must. Many pictures a

CD of the restoration of a 1963 OTS

Dick Maury's restoration of his "globe trotting" E-Type. This car will be featured this year at Pebble Beach. Extreme detail in hundreds of shots.

3.8 & 4.2 litre E-Type ('61-'68) Seminar

Charlotte '94 by Geo. Camp, E & K Miller, C Morgan Reprinted PRICE REDUCTION FOR JCNA MEMBERS for 50th birthday of the "E"

Judge's 2012 Refresher Training CD (for CJs only at this time)

This Power Point presentation assists JCNA CJs during annual training for those already familiar with the rule book. Includes a review of scoresheets and examples of condition deductions. Common authenticity issues are addressed.

MK II Sedan Technical Seminar

Kansas City '95 by Paul Maletsky & C.Morgan. Factory drawings, production data, very useful.

Dunlop Brakes introduction manual

When Jaguar pioneered disc brakes this manual was issued to dealers and shops to understand the workings of this New system. This reproduction is excellent and covers the XK150 and the 2.4/3.4 saloon. Good drawings. A must have.

S-Type & 420 Sedans Technical Seminar

San Francisco '96 by P. Shasby & C. Morgan Factory facts and drawings covering these wonderful cars as well as technical bul

Latest Edition of the Jaguar Journal

Purchase an extra copy and send it to a Jaguar friend. Members rec, one copy free, Keep up with club and factory news. PLEASE understand unless you request a specific issue the order will be filled with the LATEST issue. Specific requests should go in the notes on your order form!


The Picture is simply a place holder and does not reflect the cover of the current issue or the issue you will receive. 

Series 2 E-Type Technical Seminar


Rule Book Contents Only

Here is the updated rule book for 2019.  Printed on both sides with a quality process and paper with card stock protectors. 3 hole punched. Remember you can also download from the concours section although home printing is more costly and the paper quality is not as durable.

S. U. Carburetor Tips.

By J. Taylor 30 years of experience in 13 pages. An excellent source available again to JCNA.

The Big Saloons: MK VII, VIII, IX

Charles Morgan and Ralph Miller. 1999 AGM (41st) AGM 73 pages of technical material with many illustrations.

JCNA Series 3 E-Type V-12 Judging guide

This is the official JCNA guide-a must have for the serious show person and very helpful for restorations.