Shoppe Archive section to re open July 19th 2013

Started By: George Camp on 2013-07-06 07:05:19

JCNA Archives have transferred ownership of many rare and valuable pieces of Jaguar literature over the 2 years it has been open. If you look at this moment it seems empty but it is not. On about July 19 during the Egyptian occupation by the French the famous Rosetta stone was discovered. As you know this led to the understanding of ancient Egyptian writing and knowledge. The same will be true on this July 19 as more than 100 items will be offered in the archives which represent some 200+ pieces of Jaguar history. There are many rare pieces and yes there are even a few more of the E-50 books which are absolutely the last we will find. Many of you were upset you missed the other offerings and so I am allowing you plenty of notice this time. All items will be first come first serve and when gone--they are gone. I will send this announcement to the clubs in a message. If you want to be alerted you must sign up for shoppe notifications (look at your registration). Best of luck and grab those sought after items.


Archives are now open! If you go there and it looks empty please refresh your screen--good luck and enjoy!