Slalom Classes.

Started By: Art Dickenson on 2003-06-01 06:40:14

Regarding slalom classes,it should be noted that local clubs may give awards to any classification of cars they wish, although scores of entrants reported to JCNA must be correct for JCNA Classes to be eligible for National Trophies at year end. For example, local clubs may choose to allow 2 classes of modified vehicles, Heavyweight, and Lightweight, these classes which had been in existence for 7 years somehow became one class only, reducing the possibility for several entrants to participate in JCNA National Awards by being lumped into one class, yes now cars weighing around 2,500lbs or less, compete head to head with cars weighing in @ around 4,000lbs Our club slalom awards will reward entrants from both the lightweight arena , and the heavyweight arena. A small trophy/ momento is little indeed with which to reward many owners who have developed their cars over the years.
I personally hope other JCNA Clubs do the same,the modified classes of JCNA Slalom Competition have been the Formula One of JCNA for many years now, Formula one cars weigh in @ basically the same weight, and obviously driving a 4,000 Formula One car would be unthinkable, unless of course all F1 cars weighed in @ around 4,000lbs. More on this subject later, have fun out there, thats what slalom is all about.