slalom competition

Started By: Michael T Glass on 2012-12-03 16:54:30

I'm wondering if anyone else thinks it's unfair that in slalom competition there are newer V-8's classed with cars with a 6? Not totally fair in my opinion. I plan to protest this in the future.


Michael can I assume that by "Protest" you mean that you are going to write a rule change and send it through the rule committee for consideration at the AGM? That is how (and the only way) that rules and such can be changed in JCNA. If on the other hand you mean a simple protest I am afraid you can not "protest" a rule. Best advise and encouragement is to formulate your case--write it up--and submit it to the slalom committee. You can find all information you need on the slalom page. You should know that all such changes need to be in to the Sec. of JCNA per the by-laws in advance of the AGM so you have about 2 months or so--you can see the date (cutoff) on the AGM page. Seems like it needs to be published 45 days prior to the AGM IIRC.

Hi Michael,
in this form of competition , the critical part mainly is the time the car takes to accelerate from 0 to lets say 30 mph, these figures give an idea as to how well the vehicle may perform under acceleration. The other critical element is how much grip can the car generate under hard cornering... tyres are your friend here for sure... tyres also play a major role in acceleration. Not being familiar with the newer acceleration specs 6 vs 8 etc I can say after reading up about the 6 vs 12 in the XJS range... the 6's are listed as being quicker on initial launch, perhaps this has helped Dean with his very light XJ57 I.E. 6 cylinder XJS...
In the past I have mentioned perhaps the low speed performance aspects of our cars need to be taken a look at... This would be a big job for someone for sure, someone who has to have all the relevant specs available to make recomendations for class realignments....
I most certainly do see your point, and it has been mentioned before. I would suggest you write the Slalom Chairperson and see how he can help.
As a legitimate Chairperson for JCNA surely there should be no real difficulties in obtaining all relevant spec's, and listing them by performance not just model...
Best Wishes, Art