Slalom Queen

Started By: Art Dickenson on 2006-08-16 18:32:45

Art Dickenson.
1983 XJS GT "Silver"

I would just like to thank Gary Hagopian for creating ( I think it was Gary's idea )The Fastest JCNA Slalom Male Competitor Award, also for giving equal consideration for the females in this same Competition. If there was no female driver award, I could see possibly a lack of male supremacy in winning the award. With Karen driving the car her husband designed for their friend Jim,they have teamed up with one heck of a competitive force.
Last time I saw the car in Atlanta the car looked very impressive, obviously they have now somehow or other tamed the car from the wildcat it was when it was there. It takes quite a driver to get around the course in under 40 seconds, we now have had three drivers break the 39 second barrier, Karen is now knocking on the door of the 38 second barrier. Conditions for this type of performance of course have to be near perfect, and likewise the car and the driver.
Performances such as these can only inspire others to "get their fingers out" and do something with their cars other than just polishung them, even 4,000 XJS's can create a stir once you figure out just how to stir it.........................


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She Rules!! That car is awesome, too!

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