slalom question

Started By: Bill on 2004-08-11 04:58:54

I'm new to the slalom area, but have a simple question. Can I fit a Series II e-type with oversized tires (205's) and still qualify for Class D,'stock' e-types? Original tires specs by Jaguar were, I believe, 185's.



The 205/60-15" tires are not considered oversized on a Ser. II E-type. You cannot, however, go up to a 16" rim. It must be on a 15" rim.

Steve Weinstein, JTC-NJ
JCNA National Slalom Chair

Thanks for the quick response. I was confused because the rules say stock classes are defined under the same rules as the concours competition. The concours rule book states that tires must be consistent with the original profile and size. The new Apendix B in the rule book states that Series II e-types were fitted with 185HR15 tires - 205 tires were not an option. Glad to know we can use them in slalom however.
Thanks again,