Slalom record falls!

Started By: George Camp on 2011-09-18 06:02:05

Our own Dick Maury has just smashed the slalom record with an official time of 37.837. This beats the previous record of 38.317 by a more than a half second! Way to go Dick!


damm I was hoping to do it myself, however with a car almost half Silvers weight it was obvious it could happen in a hurry, with some good new slicks.Congrats Dick.......

Edited on 2011-09-18 19:18:31

Last year, Gary Hagopian's grandson mentioned that I could do better with a bit more power. I installed Weber carbs and got a good bit more power. At the Challenge, I talked to Lou Fidanza and he mentioned some items I could to to the suspension settings. I did these and it seemed to help. But when I was in California at Laguna Seca, I bought some racing shoes. These seemed more logical than racing in loafers. I do feel that it was the shoes that really pushed me over the edge, after all, they are what controls the throttle and brakes and that is what makes you go fast. Anyway, that is my logic and I am sticking to it for now. New racing tires didn't hurt either.

Awesome! We look forward to a repeat performance at the Roar n' Soar in November.
Too bad Gary won't be there.

I hope Art, George, and all y'all will come down and play. I don't know who in the world the Green Rocket's competition is going to be at the last slalom of the year!

Dick's time was great, he now needs to try and beat it again... new shoes, new tyres,new time...LOL.

Since Dick made so many changed all at once, I voting for the shoes!
Congratualations Dick, nice pass.

Bob you know with a helmet on no one knows who was steering the car--hummm! JK way to go Dick.