Slalom Record Falls Again

Started By: Dick Maury on 2011-11-13 14:50:02

In September, I managed to turn a 37.838 which was a record for the course. Just returned from the Jaguar Club of Florida having turned a 37.722. Broke it again! Very exciting but I guess you would have to be there to be as excited as we were at the event. Ginger even broke out into a Happy Dance. When you get going that fast, things happen very quickly. Someone asked me what kind of revs I turn. I told them that I don't have time to look at the tach. If the engine blows, I will fix it but my priority is to race. Anyway, a neat event. Anyone that has not tried the slalom, should. There are classes for every Jaguar so you compete agaisn't equivalent cars.


Way to go Dick--guess you disproved my Bob Beamon analogy!

Holeeee tire smoke! Nice job Dick.

Great drive Dick for sure, I guess in the North West Region we all eat too much in the off season and we end up competing with heavy stomachs that match our heavy cars....... regardless how fast and fat we all are , the NW Region this year appears to have gathered up nine North American Titles in JCNA Slalom...nine out of sixteen... how bad can it be.... I must try not to hibernate so much this winter and try and shed some pounds to be able to catch up with the Lightweight Mod boys such as yourself.... Thanks again for the drive in Ohio, I know now what a light car can accelerate like, the traction out of the start gate was incredible in the Green Machine..LOL., and with fresh tyres it must be even more incredible.....
Many thanks and accolades to you and your team with the JCNA BOD, keep up the great work and fresh ideas coming along.
Enthusiastically your friend, Art...