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Weinstein Named 2003 Slalom Chairman

Gary Hagopian

Jaguar Association of New England *

forum user since


To the JCNA Slalom Committee and all competitors:

Longtime slalom competitor and class winner, Steve Weinstein has been named to chair the JCNA Slalom Committee. Steve's analytical mind, likeability, and enthusiasm for driving events, makes him an excellent choice to replace outgoing chairman, Art Dickenson.

At the termination of a president's term, all appointments automatically end. A president has the option of renaming or appointing new committee chairs. I am currently trying to infuse the JCNA with new people and ideas, and is the reason for the change in slalom chairs.

Art Dickenson has done well as chairman, encouraging potential entrants by example. For his seasons as Slalom Chairman, we say "thanks", and hope to see his name at the top of the standings well into the future .

I ask the committee members to work with Steve to help grow and refine this enjoyable JCNA program.

Gary Hagopian, JCNA President

Re.: Weinstein Named 2003 Slalom Chairman

Mark Stephenson

Jaguar Club of Central Arizona *

forum user since


This means you HAVE to come to Phoenix, Steve. Yeah!!!!!! Bring Carol this time. See if you can drag some other East Coast club members along, too.

Mark Stephenson
Jaguar Club of Central Arizona

Re.: Weinstein Named 2003 Slalom Chairman

Steve Weinstein

Jaguar Touring Club *

forum user since


Nice try, Mark. I wish it were so, believe me. The JCC for this year looks amazing, and if there were any way for me to be there, I would. But, unfortunately, it ain't gonna happen this year.

However, to all the members of the Slalom Committee, please contact me at your earliest convenience to touch base. We have several items on our plate that we need to deal with immediately. It is important that we start the discussions ASAP.

Many thanks to Gary for appointing me to this position (hopefully, by Lime Rock, I'll still feel this way). Also, many thanks to Art, our outgoing Chair, for all of his hard work and contributions to this vibrant and growing part of the JCNA program calendar. I personally hope that Art will continue to provide input to the committee and share his many talents and experience with us all for the betterment of the club.

I look forward to working with all members. My email box is always open for anyone who has questions, problems or suggestions on improving JCNA Slalom.

Steve Weinstein, JTC-NJ
JCNA Slalom Committee Chairman
JTC Slalom Chair
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