Timing Equipment Update

Started By: Charles Boblasky on 2005-08-29 11:25:34

The various threads that I can find on this topic are all more than two
years old and, since my club is considering the purchase of some new
equipment, I would like an update and the latest info on this subject

Although some of this may already have been discussed somewhere on this
site, I have been unable to find it so I beg your indulgence if this is

1)After some discussion about timing in hundredths (which seems adequate
to me)the rules still seem to encourage timing to thousandths, so,
can I assume that any change to hundreths is dead and that three decimals
is still the most desirable way to go?

2)There has also been some discussion of JCNA purchasing this gear and
making it available on loan. Did anything ever come of this?

3)There apparently is/was a JCNA subsidy of up to $250 available to local
clubs to assist with their purchase of this equipment. Is this still
in effect, and how does it work?

4) Are there preferred/recommended supliers of this gear? We are currently
using a system of an electronically triggered commercial, three decimal, digital stopwatch which we put together for under $200. It works, but
it has weaknesses and we would like to upgrade. However, Race America
gets $1000+ for their gadget and that is a pretty stiff bite to sell
to the club (even with the JCNAA subsidy)for an event that draws maybe
15 entries two or three times a year.

Is there anything else out there?


Chuck Boblasky
Tucson, AZ
D Type Replica



Steve Weinstein will no doubt respond. One of our local members is making an excellent system which was used at the last JAG slalom. Compared to the prior system which was flakey at best depending on whether the sun was out, this system performed flawlessly.


Keith Bertenshaw
JTC New Jersey

Good news on the timing equipment front -- there is now a system available for timing slalom events that is reliable, easy to use, and affordable. A JCNA member, Mike Eck, has put together a timing system that utilizes laser technology for the start and finish sensors, and incorporates a main unit with large timing display that times to a thousandth of a second. The unit comes complete with cabling and a hard-shell carrying case.

Best of all, the entire unit including the case costs only $575 to JCNA member clubs. For those clubs that have not previously got it, JCNA still offers a $250 "rebate" to help offset the cost of getting timing equipment. All that is needed to get the money is to send the paid invoice to Nelson Rath at JCNA headquarters.

So there is no longer a problem with timing equipment. Clubs that are interested can contact Mike Eck at: mikeeck@ optonline.net We will have the equipment at the Challenge Championship to use for the slalom there. Any interested clubs can see it in action at that time.

Steve Weinstein
JCNA National Slalom Chair