Tire and wheel suggestions/thoughts?

Started By: Keith Brian on 2011-02-19 07:54:09

Howdy, I bought an '06 XK8 in December. It's been a garage
queen for 2 months now (and probably will continue to be for
a few more weeks) but I'm starting to think about ''playing''
with it a bit.

I was wondering if you folks could give me some guidance on
wheels and tires for a bit of Autocrossing (Slalom?) and maybe a day
or two for an HPDE at a track.

I was wondering what offset ranges work?

Will the rear width wheel/tire work on the front?
(I was recently informed on another forum that the rear wheels/tires (255/40/19, would indeed work on the front, please advise if that doesn't match with the accepted knowledge)
Since rotating tires at the track usually
proves beneficial for tire life, and, obviously, all the
same size extends the rotation options.

Now tires?

Was thinking Toyo Proxes, or Falken 452, but then I read
about these Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta's..
Now a local shop has mentioned Hankook Ventus R-s3's.
Thoughts? Others?

I'm planning on sticking with stock size wheels.

I'm going to cross post this on the HPDE forum also.



Brian you need to look at the rules for slalom--if you change equipment it well may place you in a "prepared" class. I am sure the "Slalom" master will chime in on this one.

Hi keith,
for starters I would simply call tire rack, they know and have tests on most of the top tyres out there and sell tons and know what fitment you need........ good luck...Art