turn the key and revs shoot to 3500?

Started By: Graham McAleer on 2014-07-17 05:12:46

Hi all, I have a 1971 xj6 series 1 and it is going mental.

I turn the key and the revs fly immediately to 3500. I'm worried about letting it rev at all at that rate from a cold start. I've switched it on a couple of times just to make sure it is still doing it, and it is.

The car has not been driven in three days but a few days back it was great.





Don't even try starting it until you have found the acceleration linkage problem.

Thanks, William. Any idea where I start to look? Under the bonnet, at least, everything looks normal.

Does this have twin carbs? If so, check the throttle linkage & pull the carb tops off to see if a piston is stuck up.
Cheers Tom