Jaguar Association of New England
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The Jaguar Association of New England (JANE) is a group of like-minded automobile enthusiasts with a love of Jaguar motor cars of all types and generations. JANE is affiliated with JCNA, Jaguar Clubs of North America, and is its largest member club with almost 300 members.

Membership spans all of New England and some surrounding states. Membership is open to all, and does not require Jaguar ownership.

The group was founded by Bernie Yurt in 1968 and was originally called NEXKA, which stood for New England XK Association. The name was changed to JANE in 1986, when all types of Jaguar models were recognized and welcomed. JANE meets on a regular basis at monthly meetings, usually at the Wayside Inn in Sudbury, MA, on the 4th Wednesday of every month, except during some holiday periods. Members gather at the Wayside pub for a lively cocktail hour before the dinner meeting, which usually includes an interesting guest speaker.


JANE members' cars are often displayed on the lawn during the spring, summer and fall meetings. JANE also hosts many other events during the year, and is very active with tours, slaloms, picnics and the occasional rally, as well as our annual three-day Concours. We specialize in camaraderie and good parties. See the Events Calendar on this website for details.


JANE has a monthly newsletter called The Coventry Cat that covers the club's activities and is included with JANE membership.

So, take a cruise through the website and get familiar with us. Welcome to JANE! Please consider joining us if you have an interest in Jaguars!


JANE is governed by a Board of Directors whose Officers are elected annually and include the immediate Past President.

Elected Directors serve staggered 3-year terms.

The members of our 2019 Board of Directors are:

 Officers with one-year terms: President, Charles Centore; Co-Vice President Membership, Marjorie Cahn; Co-Vice President Membership, Jeanine Graf; Vice President Events & Past President, Dean Saluti; Secretary, Bonnie Getz; Treasurer, Don Holden. 


Directors through 12/31/19: Gus Niewenhous, Kevin Murphy (new and serving out a 1-year term), John Feng (new and serving out a 1-year term).


Directors through 12/31/20: John Brady, David Moulton, Jim Sambold, Ray Binder.


Directors through 12/31/21: Rich Kosinski; Aldo Cipriano; John Brady; Daniel Graf, Dave Reilly (new).


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Contact Details

Mailing Address:
180 Stone Root Lane
Concord MA 01742 USA
President: Charles Centore
Phone: 978-201-9782
Vice President: Dean Saluti (VP Events)
Phone: 617-285-6565
Vice President: Jeanine Graf (Co-VP - Membership)
Phone: 617-959-8987
Treasurer: Don Holden
Phone: 603-673-8167
Secretary: Bonnie Getz
Phone: 603-402-9879
Editor: David Moulton
Phone: 978-448-6828
Webmaster: British Marque
Phone: 401-766-6920
Concours Chair: Daniel Graf
Phone: 617-216-9703
Membership: Marjorie Cahn (Co-VP - Membership)
Phone: 617-285-6564
Chief Judge: Aldo Cipriano
Phone: 508-320-1679
Traveler Contact: Gary Hagopian
Phone: 603-763-3093
Slalom Chair: Rich Hanley
Phone: 508-317-3474
AGM Delegate:
AGM Delegate:

Upcoming Club Events

Date & Sanction Club, Event & Location Contact or Event Chair
August 15, 2020
Sanctioned: Y
Jaguar Association of New England Concours d'Elegance
Sturbridge Host Hotel, Sturbridge, MA

The 48th Jaguar Association of New England Concours d'Elegance Festival will be held on Saturday August 15, 2020, at the Sturbridge Host Hotel along beautiful Cedar lake in Sturbridge, MA. The...
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Daniel Graf
100 Seaview Ave. Marshfield, MA 02050
Phone: 617-216-9703