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The Carolina Jaguar Club has the reputation of being the premiere fun-loving crowd of the South. Come visit or join us and see what we're all about! Find out what is happening in the world of Jaguars and other fun-related things. Our event calendar is on the Facebook page, in the Litter Box, our monthly newsletter and on our website You are always welcome to come visit at one of our events before you join.

Check out our Facebook page:  or our website


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Contact Details

Mailing Address:
1120 Claverton Ct
Winston-Salem NC 27104 USA
President: Ted Hill
Phone: 704-668 7641
Vice President: Cookie Roberson
Phone: 919-247-9010
Treasurer: Rick Wotring
Phone: 336-337-6253
Secretary: Bettye Weaver
Phone: 727-364-7677
Editor: Richard Lloyd-Roberts
Phone: 704-754-8880
Webmaster: Richard Lloyd Roberts
Phone: 704-754-8880
Concours Chair: Jerry Tester
Phone: 252-756-4890
Membership: Kevin & Nancy Willis
Phone: 336-765-1170
Chief Judge: Steve Thomas
Phone: 919-906-6802
Traveler Contact:
AGM Delegate: Ted Hill
AGM Delegate: Richard Lloyd-Roberts

News Articles

CJC By Law Revisions Feb 13, 2007
BY LAWS FOR CAROLINA JAGUAR CLUB Proposed dated Feb. 02 by Jim Morton, 336-294-3436, Reviewed with CJC Board on 2007-01-20, modified slightly since then. The changes...
CJC By-Laws Revision Proposal, Feb. 2, 2007
BY LAWS FOR CAROLINA JAGUAR CLUB Proposed dated Feb. 02 by Jim Morton, 336-294-3436, Reviewed with CJC Board on 2007-01-20, modified slightly since then. The changes...
Troubleshooting the E-Type Horn (50th in a series)
Tech Session - Restoration of an E-type: Troubleshooting the E-Type Horn (50th in a series) By Harvey Ferris I have recently run into 2 problems with the horn on my E-Type. One problem is that...
Tata Profile, the Indian company that would purchase Jaguar
Jaguar Sale By Jim Morton On January 3 Ford announced that Indias Tata Motors Ltd was the top bidder for Jaguar and Land Rover, and that focused negotiations are underway; CEO Alan Mulally said...
Rally - Primer for TSD Rallies, approx 22 pages
INTRODUCTION TO ROAD RALLYING Mario Barbacci Richard A. Lerner Barbara J. Staudt Chuck Weinstock April 1989 * Modifications by Bob Glickstein, March 1990 * HTMLed by Esther Filderman, March 1993 *...

Upcoming Club Events

Date & Sanction Club, Event & Location Contact or Event Chair
July 23, 2020
Sanctioned: Y
Carolina Jaguar Club Concours
Little Switzerland, North Carolina

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Jerry Tester
306 Woodspring Lane
Phone: 252-717-2966