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Jaguar Associate Group
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The World's Oldest Jaguar Club! 
Jaguar Associate Group/JAG

Incorporated January 1955. Membership 225

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2020 Events

February 9 Valentine’s Dinner - Don Giovani, Mountain View




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Most newsletters are available in Word or Acrobat PDF format for which you can find free viewers in the JCNA library.


Note: This is the current JAGazette. For access to all editions of JAGazette go to JAGS.ORG. The JAGazette is in PDF format, one file for the complete paper.

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Contact Details

Mailing Address:
Andrea Butler, 9056 Village View Loop
San Jose CA 95135 USA
Email: Les@jags.org
Website: http://www.jags.org
President: Andrea Butler
Phone: (408) 674-3595‬
Email: andreabutler@me.com
President: Dorothy Smith (Past President)
Phone: (602) 549-9799‬
Email: dorothyjsmith@mindspring.com
Vice President: Deborah Joy Hartunian
Phone: 415-509-2909
Email: djhartunian@gmail.com
Vice President: Les Hamilton (Drives)
Phone: 408-759-2921
Email: les@jags.org
Treasurer: Phil Endliss
Phone: (650) 854-4445
Email: treasurer@jags.org
Secretary: Jack Chevlen
Phone: (408) 267-3371
Email: jackchevlen@comcast.net
Editor: Richard Halk
Phone: 530-558-9921
Email: editor@jags.org
Webmaster: Les Hamilton
Phone: 408-759-2921
Email: les@jags.org
  Membership: Phil Endliss
Phone: (650) 854-4445
Email: Membership@jags.org
  Traveler Contact: Director at Large - Ron Laurie
Phone: 650-814-5600
Email: ronlaurie@ip-strategy.com
Director at Large: Dave Ferguson
Phone: 408-821-0540
Email: Imagesautobody@sbcglobal.com
Director at Large: George Barry
Phone: 408-440-2189
AGM Delegate: Dorothy Smith
Email: DorothyJSmith@mindspring.com
AGM Delegate: Les Hamilton
Email: les@jags.org

News Articles

XK120 Headliner Installation Jaguar XK120 DHC /Installing the Soft Top and Headliner
Well I don’t own a XK120 DHC (yet) but if (when) I did own one of the classic autos I am sure that there is a chance that I will need to install a headliner and canvas top.  As I understand finding a...
Jaguar Corral at the 2019 Monterey Historics
JAGUAR CORRAL at 2019 Rolex Motorsport Reunion •Laguna Seca, WeatherTech Raceway, Monterey, CA August 17-19, 2019 The Rolex Motorsports Reunion is a great event to see classic and vintage...
The Long Journey to Get a Classic Back on the Road
It seemed like a good idea at the time. Find a classic Jaguar in need of a minor restoration and bring it back to its former self with all its space, pace and grace. I had been thoroughly enjoying my...