Value of a '62 Mark X

Started By: Dave Shore on 2004-02-20 13:45:38

A friend has a really nice '62 Mark X. It has 70k original miles. Has been repainted the original blue, has no rust and has nice leather, wood, chrome, etc. Does anyone know of an approximate value for a car like this? Haven't seen it run yet but is supposed to run well. Thanks.


The car sounds very good. To restore these large sedans is an expensive undertaking, even more than a Rolls Silver Cloud. You have to decide how much you want it. They sell freom $2000 to $30,000

Jaguar affectionado and etc.

I sold my 63MKX for $16,000 and it sound like the same type of car. I must be a nice car to get this type of price. You can buy these cars all day long, there is a lot of them in Texas. A nice driver would be about 8K. We have a club member that has a nice driver that he wants 75oo for

Hello, the price of $2,000 $3,000 for a Mk X sounds close to present Australian prices, recently my landlords brother in law got $5,000 Australian for his late production 3.8 Mk X [bellows brakes, DG transmission], though I have seen drivable ones for as low as $1,900.
Now my question I'm in process of re-location to North America [ New Mexico ] & am considering bringing a classic Jaguar with me.
Am I right in believing New Mexico permits the registration of r.h.d machines & what will be the best way to import the vehicle???, I dont really want to handle it all myself so I suppose a Classic Car Shipping Company would be the best way to go?????, all advice welcome
Peter C Trevanna.

This is Steve Kennedy from the Rocky Mtn. Jaguar Club. Once you get settled, be sure to contact me. We are based in Denver and have had many members from New Mexico.

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