Western States Slalom Event

Started By: Dick Maury on 2008-08-23 16:34:18

Well, after getting back to work and catching up on things, it is time to go over the Western States Slalom. It all started close to a year before the event with sponsorship for the event. We (Coventry West) were going to be a host and decided to have our name attached to the slalom portion. I was looking forward to bringing the Green XKE for the slalom, rally and concours. Last minute plans changed it to flying out and leaving the car behind. I had volunteered to also be the Slalom Steward and bring the timing equipment and other items needed to run the program. I arrived Monday afternoon, had a quick lunch and Steve Kennedy, Jim Anderson, Mary Ann Kretz and myself went to the park where it was to take place. The city of Grand Junction had given us use of the parking lot for the event at no charge. They even ropped it off and supplied the cones. Very gracious and well appreciated. Once we had our measurements down and double checked, we chalked out where the cones were to go. Start time for the event was 8:00AM Tuesday morning so we had to be set up and ready.
Tuesday morning came, we go set up quickly and smoothly. Had tables set up for timing and breakfast goodies. Volunteers helped with getting the cars checked out and the paperwork handled. A walk through explaining the course layout, answering questions and we were ready to start. I had developed a new posting sheet to keep track of the cars so that they could run in any order and still be easy to post. It worked real nicely as it had done at our own slalom. E-Mail me for a copy if you would like one.
We had about 18 cars competing ranging from a MKIV to the latest XF sedan. There were two each in the fully modified H and I classes. Jaguar had two of the new XF sedans trucked in from Denver for anyone there to test drive. As I did not bring a car, I asked the Jaguar representative Greg Sanguinetti if I could drive one of them in the slalom. Continental was a sponsor and they said they would replace the tires if they were worn. Jaguar said yes so I went to find a helmet that fit. Always a good idea to bring your own by the way as there were not enough so it was musical helmets.
The event went off real nicely. No accidents and everyone had a good time either running the cars or watching. Most everyone got a chance to drive a lap in the new XF cars. I did manage to post the fastest time of the event in the one Jaguar loaned me. I must admit that it handled real nice, especially a 4 door with stock tires and pressures. Can't wait until the supercharged one comes out. Maybe I can snag a slalom drive in one.
I would urge any club that has not tried a slalom to hold one. They are not that difficult and everyone that tries it seems to like it. If your club does not have anyone with experience to run or set it up, there should be someone in a surrounding club that could come and help. I enjoy it and Delta flys most anywhere. ;-)


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Thanks for that report. Sorry I missed it. I was tryimg my best to swing it and make the trip, but work got in the way!!

I would like a copy of that score sheet. Sounds like it helps a lot.

Now, drive or "Delta" yourself down here for the Roar n' Soar in November!! It's 2 days of fun!!