wiper motor - MK II

Started By: Lonnie McMinn on 2008-09-07 16:36:08

I am working on my MK II and wanted to remove the wiper motor on my 62. The arm is flexible and does not want to come out of the motor housing. I thought this might be designed like a speedometer cable but I have not put alot of pressure trying to remove it. I am used to the type on my 66 E-type which has fixed arm. Silly question but I am confirming with anyone that the flexible arm can or can not be removed without taking the housig apart?


Memory time.
Been a while.
Remove the side cover, unscrew the cable, lift the dog on the end of the cable out of the inner link and remove the cable assembly.

This can be done either before or after motor removal.

Yes, I see the answers lies in removal of the cover plate... no problem, thanks!