Wood Refinishing

Started By: Carole Borgens on 2009-03-06 07:37:23

Does anyone have the instructions once posted here, on refinishing interior wood? I have some rain damage on the drivers door wood piece, so I want to remove, strip, and refinish it.

Thanks in advance,
1965 3.8S


I have seen some use a heat gun to melt the old lacquer, scraping it as it melts. I don't care for that method since it can scratch and damage the original veneer.

I prefer to sand with very fine sandpaper, like 1000 grit. Takes a lot of work but it assures a consistent and controllable removal of the old lacquer or varnish. Controllable because you sand it as much as you need without damaging the original veneer.

I have used BEHR Satin polyurethane for refinishing antique furniture. (I've never refinished Jaguar wood, I would leave that to British Autowood in Orlando Florida). The BEHR poly has an Amber coloring similar to Jaguar wood.


I just finished the second half of the dash wood on my MK2.
The car came with a spare dash, but the joints had failed.
Fixed it, filled it, used some expensive striper and 00 steel wool, took a week per piece, it seems, sanded it, stained it, sprayed it.
I did find that brushing the first coat works best, as it acts as a primer.
Sanded that with 500 grit, sprayed, sanded, sprayed, sanded, sprayed.

Looks a WHOLE lot better than the last dash!