Started By: andre Michel Despreaux on 2013-07-17 06:02:53


The low fluid indicator light is on and the tank is full, I removed the tank thinking that the sending unit could be bad, did not see one.

Can anyone help?

Thank you

Cheers Michel


You do not mention the year of your XJ40, yes there is a wash level input and a wash level switch wire color code ORG/RED. There is also a W/S wash relay colored yellow mounted in the right hand side under the hood, however I would suspect a grounding problem check that you have a good clean ground first.
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Did you remove the complete reservoir, or only the top portion? The bottom portion is the part with the level sensor in it. It's only accessible from the bottom. They are joined with an "O" ring seal where it passes through the body panel behind the headlamps.


Hello David

Sorry about that, it is a 1990 with only 43k miles, I already cleaned the relay contacts, i will do it again just in case. Where will I find the wire?

Thanks for your help


Hello Steven,

Yes I removed the top portion of the reservoir only. I will try to clean the relay and the wire as suggested by David and if the light is still on then I will remove the complete unit from the bottom.

Thanks for your help


Hi Michel,
From the main instrument cluster, the wash level input is fed by an orange/red wires which terminate at the yellow wash level switch/relay which is also grounded, must be a good ground. The entire instrument warning light system is fused, hot at all times, by 2x 5amp fuses found in the left fuse panel. Check all of this out, sorry that I cannot pinpoint your problem.
Good luck
David H


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Thank you again, members you are great!

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