XK120 Aluminum Steering Wheel

Started By: Robert Sheridan on 2009-02-20 13:30:32

I just purchased what was decribed as a XK120 steering wheel from an eBay seller. I was the only bidder and got it for $75.

I just received it in the mail and instead of being the normal black bakelite, it has metal spokes and the center hub and circular handle appears to be made from aluminum. The outside diameter is 18".

Can anyone shed some light on what car it's from? Is it a very early steering wheel?

I will try an upload a picture (I haven't been able to upload a picture lately for some reason). If you want a couple picture to help i.d. the steering wheel, email me at Bob5837atLa.twcbc.com



Edited on 2009-02-20 20:44:23

I'm just guessing but it might not be from or for an XK-120, but for a very early Jaguar Saloon, like an SS ??

being made of aluminum, it could be a racing wheel from even earlier days.

It looks very vintage, like 1930's. Possibly a treasure.

show it at the Jaguar World Monthly forum in the UK, there are some racing fans there who might come up with a better answer.



Yowza Bob,

I thought the XK wheels were aluminum covered/coated in Bakelite. Bakelite by itself is somewhat brittle. Doubtful that XK wheels had Bakelite hubs with no internal structure.

It has some resemblance to the wheel on my SS1 with the exception of the spokes. SS wheels have leaves that are riveted which give the wheel a little more spring.

My vote is it's an XK wheel that was stripped of its covering.

Later, Bob Lovell

Yowza Bob,

Also SS hubs have a pinch bolt and key way design to hold them to the shaft, that one clearly does not.

Later, Bob

That looks just like the wheel on my XK120 before I painted it black.