XK140 parts manual available from JCNA

Started By: George Camp on 2011-10-13 10:51:45

JCNA is now offering the awaited XK140 parts manual. It includes all XK 140 models and also includes as a bonus the parts catalogs for the XK140 overdrive (J18) and the automatic version (J19). While the original XK140 manual is very hard to find the offering of the overdrive and automatic are a hat trick. You can find them in the shoppe under XK140 PTS HB (for the handsome hard bound copy or XK140 PTS SB for the garage or boot friendly copy. This is a continuing series of JCNA offerings of rare and desirable manuals. Your support will determine how far we can go. Thanks for supporting JCNA.

Jerry E. this is your chance!

Pic of the book below